I can’t remember for sure when I started this tradition, but I have not missed a year in the past 25 years.

Every Independence Day, I take time to read the Declaration of Independence as written by our founding fathers. It reminds me not only why our nation sought independence, but why we need to preserve it.

It was 245 years ago on July 4, 1776, when 56 incredibly brave men mutually pledged to each other “our lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to announce they were breaking away from the most powerful nation in the world to form a new…

This afternoon, I learned a Facebook friend died suddenly on July 1. He suffered from an aortic dissection and died quickly.

That meant there was no time for goodbyes or to offer final words of advice and encouragement.

People reflecting on his death and the man by viewing his Facebook posts will read about these topics — his final words to his online friends:

  • A quote about fake ballots in New York.
  • The irony of allowing abortion while insisting that people wear masks to “save lives.”
  • How racism will end when a certain group of people stop using it as…

People put things in storage for a number of reasons, but most often because they are moving or downsizing and they don’t have any place to put the items.

But, then the owners might fall on hard times to the point they can no longer pay the storage fees. If they can, they remove their possessions before the next rent check is due. But, if they wait too long, the storage unit is padlocked by the company until the back rent is paid.

After a while, if the rent hasn’t been paid, the storage center puts the contents of the…

When 100,000 people are assembled in a large group, it may appear to be a huge crowd. But, compared to the population of an entire country, that same group may be a very small subset.

Have you ever been in a crowd of 100,000 people? Crowds of that size attract a lot of attention for being loud and boisterous. In the wrong circumstances, gatherings that large can take on lives of their own. That’s where we coin the term “mob mentality.”

Surely 100,000 people is a big number and if you’re caught in a crowd like that, you can feel small and insignificant.

Yet, when compared to a nation of 331.5 million people, like America, then 100,000 people represents only 0.03% of the population — or barely three in 10,000 people. …

When a car wasn’t miraculously repaired, one teen thought that was proof God didn’t exist. However, I think God really answered the prayer, but not in the way the young man had hoped.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to accepting the existence of God often comes from unanswered prayer.

I was talking to a gentleman the other day who recalled a story that “proved” God did not exist because of an unanswered prayer.

When he was 15 years old, he and a 17-year-old friend borrowed a car to go cruising around together. Yes, they had permission from the owner for the older teen to drive because he had a driver’s license. The other teen did not.

Around 11 p.m., the youngsters decided to explore a steep, narrow, winding road through a wooded…

I loved Jered Wilson’s column at The Gospel Coalition where he explored the problems men face in approaching midlife.

At 61, I am beyond midlife and firmly entrenched in geezerdom. But, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t experience some problems as I approached 50.

The first thing I remember is the feeling of absolute uselessness and emptiness when my youngest daughter moved out of our home.

For years, I literally counted down the days to 6–7–8 (June 7, 2008), the day she would graduate from high school and I would be “free, free, free at last” of all my parental…

“And he went outside and wept bitterly.”

That passage from Luke 22:62 and Matthew 26:75 describes how Apostle Peter responded after denying that he even knew Jesus — a man Peter had traveled with every day for more than three years, and a man who considered Peter to be one of his closest earthly friends.

I sometimes wonder how I would react in a similar situation if I felt threatened by a mob to denounce my faith, or I had a gun held to my head and told to either denounce Jesus or be shot, which happens frequently in socialist…

Last week, I explored the need to cancel-proof your life so you’re prepared for when the “woke monster” comes looking to devour you for something you wrote, said or did — even if it was decades ago.

When making yourself cancel-proof, the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that your financial house is in order. …

Words mean things and I’ll admit that I often use the words “wisdom” and “knowledge” almost interchangeably without realizing they have two distinctly different meanings.

There is a joke that describes the difference between the two words as knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, while wisdom is knowing a tomato doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.

This week, I’ve been going through a YouVersion morning devotional titled “Who Me, Gifted?” written by Michael Youssef. In today’s teaching, he writes about the spiritual gifts of knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is the ability to store up information; however, wisdom…

You are just one social media post away from losing your job or your business.

The cancel culture is rampant in early 2021. It is an all-consuming fire seeking to burn down everything and everyone in its path.

No longer content to demonstrate in public, protestors are showing up at private homes to harass residents and neighbors, scare children and break things all in the name of “social justice.”

It doesn’t matter if your company has been providing outstanding products or services for half a century, if “they” don’t feel the firm is “woke” enough, an invisible force will go…

Greg Gerber

I write to ignite bored-again Christians and infuse them with God's kingdom power to become productive, passionate disciples of Jesus and live life to the full.

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