• JulieC.Lara


    Went through HELL to become who I am today! Fuck everyone who made me second guess My Worth, because Damn It I am Enough!

  • Roger Ball

    Roger Ball

    amazon.com/author/rogerballbooks | Christian | Apologetics | Psychology | Culture | rogerball-books.com | Support me by becoming a Medium member: bit.ly/30H6zAY

  • satpal gulia

    satpal gulia

  • Aaron J. Anderson

    Aaron J. Anderson

    CEO of Logos Academy & LogosWorks in York, PA, Dad of 6, Pastor. www.aaronjanderson.com

  • Success wikipedia

    Success wikipedia

    Positivism, persistence and proper channel can turn any ordinary person into a legend. http://www.successwikipedia.blogspot.com

  • Sharon Llivichuzca

    Sharon Llivichuzca

    All about keto diet ,smoothie diet, weight loss, health and fitness

  • Arvind Kiwelekar

    Arvind Kiwelekar

    Arvind is a Professor of Computer Engineering in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Lonere India.

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