Is a boisterous crowd of 100,000 truly reflective of America’s priorities?

Greg Gerber
5 min readJun 29, 2021
When 100,000 people are assembled in a large group, it may appear to be a huge crowd. But, compared to the population of an entire country, that same group may be a very small subset.

Have you ever been in a crowd of 100,000 people? Crowds of that size attract a lot of attention for being loud and boisterous. In the wrong circumstances, gatherings that large can take on lives of their own. That’s where we coin the term “mob mentality.”

Surely 100,000 people is a big number and if you’re caught in a crowd like that, you can feel small and insignificant.

Yet, when compared to a nation of 331.5 million people, like America, then 100,000 people represents only 0.03% of the population — or barely three in 10,000 people. When put in that perspective, what appears to be a tremendously large and noisy crowd really isn’t that big at all.

However, imagine a crowd of 100,000 loud and boisterous people consisting of:

  • 5,000 journalists from several hundred large newspapers, magazines and television stations;
  • 5,000 software engineers working behind the scenes to tweak what people see or don’t see on social media;
  • 2,500 well-entrenched elected officials empowered with passing laws and spending money to influence behavior;
  • 17,500 unelected career government employees who simply passed a civil service exam to assume key leadership positions to regulate and redefine every aspect of the “American Dream;”
  • 5,000 tenured university professors with the power to wreck someone’s career before it starts;
  • 5,000 radicalized school administrators with captive audiences of young people;
  • 2,500 celebrities from the sports and entertainment industries — all with social media accounts;
  • 2,500 “woke” people of faith seeking to replace biblical Christianity with a new world agenda where people can do whatever they want, whenever they want and be accepted for it without consequence regardless of how much the behavior hurts others; and
  • 5,000 highly-trained community organizers orchestrating the activities of…
  • 50,000 people paid to protest in the streets and form angry mobs to intimidate people online and off.

Now imagine those 100,000 people are all aligned by a common ideology with well-defined goals and funded by several hundred people who control more than $3 trillion in wealth to finance whatever agenda they wanted to impose. ($3 trillion is the equivalent of 195 miles of compressed $1,000 bills where every four inches is $1 million.)

If you were caught in the middle of that 100,000-person mob with everyone angrily shouting the same things all day long day, it is very likely you would feel caught in some inescapable echo chamber — or a re-education camp. It would be as though you were at trapped in a house of mirrors at some carnival with no clear way to escape.

After a while, you would feel as though you were clearly in the minority and wouldn’t dare express an opinion contrary to the prevailing and ever-changing whims of the crowd. You may be tempted to join the chorus in hopes that the mob will simply leave you alone.

Welcome to America 2021

While the vast majority of us just want to pursue our dreams, run businesses, be productive at our jobs, raise our children, have the freedom to enjoy life in peaceful coexistence with our neighbors, there is a mob of 100,000 angry people utterly devoted to reshaping the world into one of their own making.

I find it very hard to believe that even 80% of Americans:

  • Think men can menstruate, we can’t label people as mothers or fathers, and that biological males who think they’re females should be allowed to compete as women in sports, let alone use the same showers and bathroom facilities.
  • Reject the notion that people mature and their opinions change as they age and insist that it’s essential to hold people accountable today for things they said or did 30 years ago.
  • Support federal spending that pushed national debt from $5.7 trillion in 2000 to $27.8 trillion in 2020 during what was the most prosperous time in American history.
  • Believe it is wrong to require someone to show an ID to cast a ballot.
  • Agree that “equity of outcomes” is far more important than accepting personal responsibility for the life choices people make.
  • Feel it is acceptable to eliminate free and open debate on any issue, policy or the latest revelation of what is considered “settled science.”
  • Believe for one minute that America is truly a racist, sexist, authoritarian nation where nobody can succeed without government intervention.
  • Agree that defunding police departments and tying the hands of officers to respond to situations is a good thing to do.
  • Believe jobs should be filled and opportunities afforded to people based solely on the color of a person’s skin or what happened to their ancestors.
  • Find it acceptable to posthumously cancel people like Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain, Anne Frank and Dr. Suess for writing stories reflecting the cultures of their time.

If America was such a horrible place to live, why do hundreds of thousands of people risk their lives or uproot their homes every year for a chance at a better future in the Land of Opportunity?

The bottom line is that even if I am grossly underestimating the size of this “woke” mob and it is 30 times bigger than the 100,000 I cited above, then the group is still less than 1 percent of the total American population.

However, the fact that small group controls media, social media and our major institutions ensures that it is in charge of the echo chamber. That will make the mob sound and appear much bigger than it really is.

If you, like me, are left shaking your head every day wondering when the madness will end, don’t despair. There is a quiet throng of responsible people who don’t buy into this claptrap. Hold your ground!

Look to your left and right. Despite what you are being led to believe, you are very likely still surrounded by sane, rational people who love life and the freedoms they have in this exceptional nation.

I guarantee that outside of major population centers, the overwhelming vast majority of American people have far more in common with each other than the ruling elites claim!

Once we get to know each other on a more personal level and hear each other’s stories and concerns, we are more likely to develop compromise solutions to help each other succeed without being directed to do so by judicial fiat or executive orders.



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